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By December 14, 2006 2 Comments


I have generally been sceptical of content plays because:

  • Fashions change – today’s heroes are tomorrow’s has-beens
  • Content prices are only going one way
  • Distribution has been difficult
  • Barriers to entry have been low OR production costs have been high; and
  • DRM doesn’t work


Following a couple of excellent presentations at Le Web 3 I am re-visiting this conclusion for video blogging companies.  Here is for why:

  • They are cool – download numbers are very high and revenues are starting to flow
  • Their brands should/could operate as barriers to entry
  • They have no distribution dependencies – they use the internet/RSS
  • Production costs are low – camcorders are a disruptive technology that will turn the traditional TV production industry on it’s head


The potential of disrupting two huge industries – TV production and TV distribution would be the exciting thing, but I’m still wrestling with the following:

  • The fashion point – most of the plays I have seen have their brand centred on one person – it’s unclear to me how that scales and how to think about the risk of fading popularity
  • Revenue models – there are examples of companies getting paid to produce ‘shows’ and there is advertising – not sure yet how this translates to margins