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Yahoo! also maturing – via re-org

By December 8, 2006 No Comments

Yahoo chair 

Much has been made recently of Yahoo!’s lack of focus and strategy following the now famous peanut butter memo.

Two days ago Yahoo! announced a re-org, streamlining the company into three divisions with clear responsibilities:

  • The audience group
  • The advertiser and publisher group
  • The technology group

There is a lot of detail underneath which you can plough through from the above link if you wish, but without any great depth of knowledge it all sounds to me like sensible big company stuff (changing the culture to become agile and market facing will be their challenge though).  NYTimes commentary is here.

This combined with the Google Maturing post I wrote yesterday and my comments earlier today about the blogosphere getting crowded point to the conclusion that the internet sector is maturing.

I still believe that there is an awfully long way to go in the web revolution – be it next gen search (where I agree with Fred that Yahoo! has a big advantage should it build on delicious), IPTV, 3D social worlds, or applying social networking to stuff like buying consumer electronics (Crowdstorm) and going out (Trusted Places) – but the landscape is increasingly looking the same as it used to in enterprise software, networking or semiconductors, with a small number of dominant companies and other smaller ones innovating around them.

As I said in the Google post, to me this is, on balance good news.  It provides a more predictable environment in which to build and finance companies.