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Mobile advertising a separate category

By December 4, 2006 December 8th, 2006 No Comments

Mobile advertising 

his is a brief follow on post from Mobile advertising getting overfunded??? a couple of days ago

Market research reported on MarketClusters sizes the mobile marketing market in 2006 at $311m of which 63% was SMS.  That leaves WAP advertising globally as a maximum of $115.  If that is all or mostly WAP advertising it is a small market, but enough for the start-ups I listed last week to get started on.

I was at an e-consultancy last week where the leading online adserving vendors pitched their stories.  (They run these events regularly for different industries and they are great learning experiences, but it has always struck me as strange that the vendors are willing to stand up one after the other and do their dog and pony shows.)  Mobile is on their feature list now.  Not prominently, but getting there.  This has me wondering whether mobile advertising will emerge as a distinct category. 

This question applies for most areas of mobile – mobile games has emerged as a separate category, mobile gaming hasn’t etc.

This leaves me thinking that as with the wired web until there is traffic it is difficult to separate the winners from the losers.