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I want to thank the folks at LibraryHouse for putting on a great conference today.  The things I liked about it were, in no particular order:

  • It was buzzy – London feels like a good place to be an entrepreneur right now and events like this are an important part of the mix
  • Bob Young – founder of Red Hat and now Lulu – how could you not like him?  And I love Lulu.  There has been a lot of talk recently about where we are in the cycle and whether we are in a second bubble – are we at 1996-97 or is it more like 1999 people ask.  Bob’s analogy was with the PC industry and by his reckoning we are in 1984 – pre Compaq and Dell.  I’m not sure exactly what that means but it sounds like he thinks we have a good while to go yet – which is good for me.
  • I always like to hear Russell Buckley of Admob for the shear scale of what they are doing – in the last day they have passed over 500m Ad views.
  • Michael Bayler of Digital Rights Marketing Company – he influenced my thinking more than anyone else today.  I have a lot of great notes and picking a highlight is tough but picking one quote it is (roughly) “The new choke hold for media consumption is the consumers head…… is about competing for consumer attention“.  The implications of this go far and wide, and are something I will come back to in a later post. 
  • Company presentations from TIOTI, Miniweb

This was also my first outing as a “blogger”.  I was part of the experimental “meet the bloggers concept” and I’ve gotta say I enjoyed myself today.  Met a lot of good people, many of whom I knew already, and some new.  And nearly everyone knew the blog (a couple of you were even kind enough to pretend you liked it…).  Really good day.  I was caught a bit short at the end though, when I was packing up to go home and then suddenly found myself on stage for an impromptu wrap up panel!