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London VC blogger meet-up

By November 27, 2006 10 Comments

Blogger meet up 

I’m joining Fred and Shantanu in reporting that last Thursday night five of the six London based VC bloggers met in Bar Nobu for a few drinks.  The full list was:

  • Paul Fisher of First Capital with his Coffee Shops of Mayfair blog
  • Fred Destin of Atlas who blogs under his own name
  • Jason Ball of London Seed Capital who blogs as Techbytes and was the energy behind the evening
  • Shantanu Bhagwat of Amadeus who blogs as Global-Themes
  • Me, and
  • Max Bleyleben of Kennet who blogs as Technofile Europe didn’t make it (Max was overseeing the birth of his second child, surely the only place better to be than our little geek soiree!?!)

It was a good evening with the usual VC gossip with a good helping of blog talk thrown in. 

The main thing I learnt though was that I’m a luddite compared with the other guys! – still using the WordPress online editor to write posts doesn’t seem to be where it is at.  I’ve gotta say that for me it is OK, certainly not bad enough to make me want to spend time learning a new tool.

What I will do is put a Google site search box on my home page to replace the broken Technorati search, and I will get round to updating the template to have two sidebars…. Plus, I’ve heard what you are saying guys and I will change that picture.