‘Discovery’ augments ‘Search’

By November 24, 2006 November 27th, 2006 4 Comments

Reading this post on Leafar left me thinking that there is more to say on recommendation than I managed in this post on TV Channels.

The point I missed was this:

Recomendation engines can help you find wonderful new content

In the old world this is quite labour intensive you rely on friends and newspapers, and it is hard to quickly sample lots of suggestions. 

Pandora/Last.fm do this in music.  Netflix/Lovefilm (in our portfolio) do this for DVDs and movies.  Stumbleupon does this for websites.  U.lik is playing in this space.  Thinking about it, taking the idea beyond media TrustedPlaces could do this for bars and restaurants.  Amazon has been doing it for a long time with books.

Channels do a bit of this, but bringing a service like the above to internet TV would be much better.

Taking it further, all these companies have (or are building) proprietary databases of preferences – combining those somehow so that my book buying behaviour and listening habits can be fed into my TV viewing recommendations would be awesomely powerful.  Disclosure – this was originally Andy Burke’s idea – I put it here in the hope that someone will do it!