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Rivers Run Red to launch Second Life TV channel

By November 17, 2006 6 Comments

Second Life log

Rivers Run Red have been doing a lot of cool stuff in Second Life for a while now, including work with Duran Duran and Adidas (who have sold 18,000 pairs of virtual trainers).

They announced just before I went on holiday that they were launching a TV channel inside Second Life.  According to the press release 24/7 programming and multiple channels, and they plan for some of them to be pay per view in the future.  There will also be in-world UGC channels.

I like this.  The population of SL is now 1.2m so there are a lot of virtual eyeballs to be had.  On the flip side it is yet to be seen whether there is demand for in-world television.  The obvious question of why not watch on real TV remains unanswered.  You gotta experiment though and this is a positive development.

There is more discussion of this and other in world TV style developments on 3pointD.