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Library House web2.0 conference

By November 15, 2006 No Comments

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I’ve blogged previously about the London web2.0 scene, well now my friends over at Library House who have long been big contributors to the UK entrepreneur-small company-angel-VC ecosystem generally are turning their attention to the internet and hosting what looks to be an excellent conference.  There will be speakers will be from Lulu, Sky, Google, Yahoo! and Index

MediaTech 2006 will be on November 30 in London and is focused on a subject close to my heart, which is HOW TO MAKE MONEY!!

There will be two panel sessions:

  • Views from the field: What is actually happening? What are the big obstacles in doing business? with speakers from Sky Admob, The Rights Marketing Company and TheTao Group; and
  • Views on the Investment outlook. Where is the smart money going? Who is going to win? What are the investment opportunities that this throws up? What judgment calls on the future are investors and corporate acquirors making? with speakers from Index, Yahoo!, Google, Arcacia and GP Bullhound

The guys have asked me to collect some questions for the panels in advance, so if you have any please either email me ([email protected]) or submit them as comments. 

There will also be opportunity to ask questions on the day.

Hope to see you there!