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Habbo and Second Life the same?

By October 27, 2006 8 Comments

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Well they are obviously not quite the same, but this post on Techcrunch Uk from Sam has got me thinking that they are not that far apart.

In the post Sam reports that mobileYouth are holding a virtual networking event in Habbo Hotel today.  Check out the post for details, but it is at 2pm today and its free.

This is not very different from the way that many companies are using Second Life.  IBM for example have built five (or so) islands in Second Life and regularly use them to hold meetings as a sort of enhanced video conference facility – I have commented on this before.  The eightbar blog is written by IBMers who are interested in this area and has some interesting stuff on it.  Similarly there is the Harvard classroom I blogged about here.

My point here is that Habbo can be viewed as a kind of Second Life, but with more structure.  I don’t think Habbo is a game as there is no real point beyond socialising – so it is identical to Second Life in that respect, the difference is that players are more restricted in Habbo, but at the same time that makes it easier to get started.

In fact once Linden Labs open sources Second Life we might start to see areas within SL that are designed to appeal to more casual virtual worlders by making it easier.

This whole piece is an extension of the Second Life is a social network argument.  I’m starting to wonder if the best way to look at the world is to see a continuum running from Second Life through Habbo to MySpace et al (maybe even taking in Stardoll on the way).