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Alternate worlds web3.0???

By October 24, 2006 10 Comments

Web1-3 map

I found this map after writing the social nets – virtual worlds come together post, which seems to endorse the thesis.  It was on Personalize Media and I found it through Mike Butcher’s mbites.  Apologies if the resolution is poor, I think it should be readable.

The more I think about this the more sure I am about it.  In most ways Second Life is best understood as a social network, as are Habbo, Stardoll etc. 

I’m not sure talking about web3.0 is helpful yet, but as Second Life explodes I can see people talking about second generation social networks before too much longer.  According to their blog they have just passed 1,000,000 residents and are growing at 1-5% EVERY DAY.