The Sun gets a web2.0 facelift

By October 19, 2006 January 1st, 2007 No Comments

Sun Logo 

Murdoch is certainly learning his lessons from MySpace, check out The Sun – it has gone all web2.0.  If you can get past the pop-ups and sky scrapers (which tell us they don’t quite get it yet) you will find the ability to comment on many stories, promotion of discussion groups and a MySun section.

The MySun section describes itself like this:

The Sun has always been about its readers and now we want YOU to write for The Sun online. 

Our new My Sun service allows you to publish your rants, reviews and pictures on the site – for our world of readers to see!

You are the new Editors of The Sun.

You are the new Editors of The Sun.  It doesn’t get much more web2.0 than that.  MySun gives you all the stuff you’d expect as well – personalised Sun news homepage, blog, chat etc.

A click through to the discussion boards and comments shows a reasonable activity, so this stuff is getting used as well.

These features are not difficult to add, which makes it all about execution – and there is only one measure of that – traffic.