Online advertising – what a great market

By October 5, 2006 January 1st, 2007 2 Comments

Online Advertising - turn up the heat 

I know I keep on banging on about this – but ONLINE ADVERTISING IS A GREAT MARKET

The Internet Advertising Bureau reports today that “internet advertising nears £1bn for H106” growth of 40% in a depressed UK advertising market.  More detailed stats available through the link, but of note is that paid search continues to do well and is the biggest chunk of the £1bn – which explains the large numbers of paid search companies at Adtech last week.  Not sure that is a good place to be investing any more though.

MarketClusters further report that online advertising will overtake TV by 2010 in the UK (that link is for  you Simon).

So we have years of good times ahead.  It gets better still when you consider that by 2015 only 9% of TV programming will be delivered by IPTV (thanks again MarketClusters).  That means that 85% of TV and hence TV ad budgets will be in the traditional forms.  That will all come online as all TV migrates to IPTV.

Looking forward areas ripe for innovation in this market include IP video advertising, mobile and contextual advertising.  I’d welcome thoughts on any others.