MySpace TV – it could be better….

By September 29, 2006 No Comments

MySpace logo

I am a big believer in cementing your online brand with offline activity and have posted previously on meetings as a way of doing this.

So MySpace TV and Bebo TV are good ideas.  But reading about MySpace TV on mashable I’m thinking it might not be so good in practice.  You can read the details on Pete’s post via the link above, but obvious and boring are the two words I would use to describe what they are doing.  This is gen Y we are talking about here – they get turned off by obvious marketing.  MySpace should know that better than anyone so I hope they don’t alienate their own members by promoting a terrible TV show.

Bebo TV (details again on Mashable) sounds much better.  The story of a singer trying to become famous rather than a three teenage girls wandering around doing nothing very much.

Stardoll meets Morph – now that is something I would pay to see.