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Just do good work

By September 22, 2006 January 5th, 2007 One Comment

I always remember a piece of advice given to me at an introductory presentation to my first job as a management consultant at Gemini Consulting.  The partner was asked how new recruits should play the politics of the firm and after a little preamble he said “just do good work and the rest will take care of itself”.

I believe that is true in many walks of life and I was reminded of it twice in the last week at different events – Beers and Innovation on RSS and Mashup* on digital lifestyle aggregators or DLAs (both great events that really benefit the London scene).  On both occasions the debate shifted to “when will this stuff hit mass adoption?” which is a good and fair question, but then shortly after that “what should we call it?” and “when will my mum start using it?”

This frustrates me a little.  I’m worried we are getting a little sidetracked from the main issues.

Everyone knows that good/useful services must be easy to use and improving usability will increase adoption.  Just look at the beautiful simplicity of del.icio.us (which has a Google page rank of 8).

So worrying about names or specific points on the adoption cycle is a bit beside the point – just do good work and the rest will follow.

That way we can free up some panel time to focus on other issues – I could have listened to yesterday’s panel at Mashup* all night.

Congrats to Simon Grice on another great event and always good to hear what Sam Sethi has to say.  I will leave it to others to report on the event in detail but the big take away (and surprise) for me is that BT really get it – or at least a part of the organisation does.  They are launching a personalised home page product which is properly open incorporates Skype and is aggressively seeking to canibalise their traditional POTS business.