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Web2.0 investments by different VCs

By September 15, 2006 January 6th, 2007 No Comments

This table has a stab at listing web2.0 investments by VC.  Kind of interesting to see the spread.  A couple of observations:

  • Accel, Benchmark and DFJ look the busiest in this sector
  • Kleiner only have a couple of deals
  • Very good to see my old friend and colleague Jeff Clavier in there and so active, go Jeff!

It is all a bit US centric and misses Index and Atlas both of whom more than deserve a mention (as does Atlas partner Fred’s blog).

Nor are we are at Esprit Capital Partners mentioned.  That is less surprising as we haven’t been active in this space.  Yet.

Our strategy in this area has been to look for businesses that combine great traffic with some kind of transactional revenue model at the core.  That might be ecommerce (e.g. Kelkoo) or subscription (e.g. Flickr) but hasn’t historically been advertising.  We have a couple of deals in the pipe that fit this model that will hopefully come through in the next month or two.

But that might be changing.  The models are getting more proven and the ultimate value of social networks is becoming clearer – regular readers of this blog will have seen my thoughts on this subject evolve.