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The internet is being reconstructed around people

By September 14, 2006 January 6th, 2007 No Comments

This just resonates with me.

To give the full quote from the excellent blog of A VC

The internet is being reconstructed around people instead of pages/content

And to give credit where credit is due he attributes it to his partner Brad Burnham.

This captures an awful lot of what is going on.

For example:

  • social networks are organised around people
  • blogs are very personal 
  • the idea of using profiles to manage our interaction with the web is a people centric approach
  • the notion of “find” instead of “search” moves the focus from content to person

The above examples stress the organised around part of the quote as well as the people part.  I think that is quite important as it’s impact runs deep.

The user generated content story (YouTube etc.) is also important, but that is about people, and doesn’t change the organisation of the web.