NetVibes – Europe’s largest web2.0 financing round – just

By August 15, 2006 2 Comments

Fred Destin over at Atlas was the first to report on this.  Their €12m narrowly squeezes in ahead of the $15m Bebo received – but watch the exchange rates!!

Also of interest today was Business2Blog’s map of international (read non-US) web2.0 start-ups.  The list isn’t long and these businesses have a scarcity value to VCs at this point in time.  Check out the comments for a few extra names.  Here’s the map.

Web2.0 Map

Finally Gartner today gave their blessing to Web2.0 and put it at the top of the hype cycle!  The Netvibes announcement coming out on the same day was pure coincidence.  See Peter Rip’s blog for more on this and a thoughtful discussion of web2.0 in the enterprise, of which there will be more here soon.