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By August 11, 2006 January 6th, 2007 4 Comments

Mobile advertising has been an area of focus for me for a while now and this article in the Independent stimulated me to write this post.  Orange UK are launching advertising on their mobile portal for brands like Jaguar and Xbox.

I made a presentation at a Mobile Monday London evening on this topic a couple of months ago and my message then was:

  1. Now or next twelve months feels like the right time to be investing in a mobile advertising play
  2. SMS based campaigns are cool, but the exciting models are probably the ones that scaled effectively on the wired web – e.g. an advertising network
  3. Management needs to be smart.  Mobile is inherently difficult because operators misunderstand their place in life and the sector is over-invested

3i have just invested in ScreenTonic which is managing France Telecom’s mobile inventory in France, MobVision of the UK claims to be serving 5 million WAP banner ads a day, and Doughty made a seed investment in Actionality last year (I think) and they are getting some traction with mobile in-game advertising.  ActiveMedia Technology is also a cool company in this space.

There is still a lot of skepticism about how mobile advertising will work, but stuff is definitely starting to happen.

These are execution plays, though, and getting started shouldn’t be too expensive – which is to say that I am mostly looking for companies that have evidence of successful delivery.