Second Life – more real/alternate world convergence

By August 7, 2006 August 8th, 2006 No Comments

See this post from Christian of Electric Sheep Company which describes a Second Life object which plays real world audio and hence raises a WHOLE WORLD (geddit?!?) of copyright issues.
So, you can access real world audio inside Second Life. How long before your Rhapsody subscription is extendable there?

I’m interested in Second Life because it has the potential to profoundly change the (aspects of) society. At the obvious end it offers a new way of spending leisure time. At the less obvious (and more radical) end it offers us the potential to re-organise the way we work and do chores (like shopping – Amazon store opens in Second Life). So far this is of more interest to the sociologist
than the venture capitalist in me as it feels kinda early to be funding companies that live off of Second Life (although Electric Sheep Company is leading the charge).

The other interesting thing about Chritian’s post is the scale he is getting at SLBoutique – a virtual shop run by the Electric Sheep Company that sells artefacts for Second Life. They now ‘stock’ 100,000 items. They will be needing a recommendation engine!